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Product Overview

Industrial Scientific is pleased to introduce the Standby Clip accessory for Ventis Pro multi-gas monitors. When installed on a Ventis Pro the Standby Clip places the man-down alarm in a standby state, preventing activation. The Standby Clip is ideal for situations where the man-down feature is not needed. Typical applications include lone workers traveling in a vehicle, desk work, and any environment in which a worker remains stationary for an extended period. The Standby Clip is for use with diffusion Ventis Pro monitors only.

While the Standby Clip accessory will always place man-down alarms in a standby state, the user has the option to place other alarms in standby as well. User selectable alarms for standby state include:

  • Man-down only
  • Man-down + gas alarms
  • Man-down + LENS® peer
  • Man-down + LENS peer alarms + gas alarms

When the Standby Clip is installed, symbols on the monitor screen alert the operator which feature is in standby. In addition, Ventis Pro monitors that communicate with iNet® Now Live Monitoring software will report a “Standby” status to the remote terminal when the Standby Clip is installed on the monitor. The Standby Clip accessory includes a lanyard and built-in magnets for easy storage when not in use.