Single Gas Clip (SGC)

General Information

General Information Tough! Whether it’s the hottest or the coldest environment, our Single Gas Clip is designed and tested to provide worker safety in the harshest working conditions. Easy to own and operate. At Gas Clip Technologies, we use the latest technology to enhance customer safety. We quality test 100% of our detectors, not just a random sample. That’s why we can offer a low cost of ownership. There are no hidden service charges, just reliable detectors that will help your facility workers and contractors do their jobs safely, productively and cost effectively. Unmatched safety, reliability and productivity For unmatched safety, reliability and productivity, choose the world’s most advanced single gas detector, the Single Gas Clip.


  • Unmatched sensor reliability for hydrogen sulfide H2S, carbon monoxide CO, or oxygen O2
  • Adjustable alarm set points
  • Real-time gas reading capability
  • 0.1 ppm resolution for H2S sensor and display
  • Two-way IR communication for event downloads, bump tests, detector configuration and firmware updates
  • Programmable unique 6 digit detector identification
  • Bump Test notification and confirmation when intervals are set
  • Simple one button operation
  • Calibration notification and confirmation when intervals are set
  • Docking capability with Gas Clip Technologies SGC Dock

Gas Clip Single Gas calibration guide

Only perform O2 calibration in normal air(20.9% Oxygen) that is free of hazardousgases.

  1. Press and hold down theyellow button for four (4)seconds.
  2. The screen will display CALand the O2 icon will flash in thelower left hand side.
  3. After a successful calibration, the detector willemit one (1) beep, vibrationand LED flash
  4. After an unsuccessfulcalibration, the detector willbeep, flash, and continue todisplay calibration.