Gas Monitor Calibration & Service

Gas Monitor Calibration & Service

Ideal Calibrations is a full service gas detector calibration and repair facility working on most brands of gas detector. 

We charge $85.00 for a standard four gas detector calibration ($35 for a standard single gas, $85 for PID and exotics such as Cl2 or NO2). If you're having repairs done, our rate is $70.00 per hour, billed in quarters of an hour plus the cost of parts. If you decline your repair or if the monitor is unrepairable and you would like to have it returned, we charge shipping and a $35 evaluation fee to cover the cost of your technician's time. If you don't need your monitor returned, we will scrap your monitor and waive the fee.


If you have a job coming up, you may want to rent a monitor from us until your monitor is back to you. We offer half off on any rental monitor while you have a unit in with us for repair (monitor must be repaired or calibrated in shop to receive this discount). To reserve your rental, visit and reserve the equipment through our online portal. Fill in the box asking about 50% off with repair with the type of monitor you sent in and we'll take half off your final rental bill.


Here's what you need to do to prep your monitor for repair:


1. Download the form above and fill it out.
2. If you have a maximum "do the work without contacting me" threshold, please note it in the proper section on the form. Same goes for PO numbers or Shipping Accounts.
3. Pack the monitor in a box so it doesn't rattle around. If you have chargers or calibrations adapters, please include them in the box. Please make sure to unplug the chargers from the monitors, as this can negatively affect the unit. Please do NOT include calibration gas cylinders in your shipment, as this is against DOT regulations.
4. Ship the package to:

Ideal Calibrations, LLC.
17730 Dora St.
Melvindale, MI 48122
Phone: (734) 956-0539

After we receive the monitor, it generally takes 3-5 days for us to do an initial evaluation. If the monitor only requires calibration, we will complete the calibration and send you an invoice which you can pay online with a credit card. If the monitor requires additional repairs, we will contact you with an estimate through email which you can approve online through the portal. We will not proceed with repairs until we receive approval from you. If we haven't gotten in touch in 3-5 days, please feel free to give us a call and make sure the package got to us and we have your information. We will send you a ticket number through email which you can use to look at the progress on your ticket. You can also use this portal to accept estimates and pay invoices if you choose. If you're approved for credit, we'll ship your equipment back to you and send you an invoice. For all other orders, we require payment up front before we ship the product. If you'd like to put a card on file for when the work is complete, please give us a call and we'll set you up using our encrypted system.


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