03 Series

03 Series gas detector

The 03 Series single gas monitors are designed for LEL, O2, H2S, or CO detection. Individuals need personal protection in hazardous areas at all times without adding extra bulky equipment, and the 03 Series can provide that kind of protection at an affordable price. The GP-03, OX-03, CO-03, and HS-03 models are personal single gas monitors designed for protection from exposure to combustible hydrocarbons, oxygen deficiency, hydrogen sulfide, or carbon monoxide.

03 Series compatible parts

Standard Sensor Settings for the 03 Series

Sensor Type Calibration Gas Value Low Alarm High Alarm TWA Alarm STEL Alarm Part Number
H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide 25ppm 10ppm 30ppm 1ppm 5ppm
CO - Carbon Monoxide 50ppm 25ppm 50ppm 25ppm 200ppm
LEL - Methane Curve 50% LEL 10% LEL 50% LEL
O2 - Oxygen 12% O2 19.5% 23.5%