Ventis MX4 Oxygen (O2) Sensor

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Ventis MX4
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Product Overview

Replacement oxygen sensor for the Industrial Scientific Ventis MX4 (P/N: 17134461) Covered by an 18 month manufacturer warranty. Please note that the 17134461 (1713-4461 in some guides) has an additional board on the bottom of the sensor and cannot be replaced with a generic oxygen sensor.

The oxygen sensor used in the Ventis MX4 gas detector uses an electrochemical reaction to detect the concentration of oxygen in the air. The sensor contains two electrodes separated by an electrolyte, which produces a voltage proportional to the concentration of oxygen present in the air.

When oxygen comes into contact with the sensor, it reacts with the electrolyte, creating a chemical reaction that produces a measurable electrical signal. This signal is then processed by the device and converted into a concentration reading that is displayed on the screen.

One of the advantages of electrochemical sensors is that they are highly specific and selective for the gas that they are designed to detect. This means that the oxygen sensor used in the Ventis MX4 can accurately measure the concentration of oxygen in the air, even in the presence of other gases.

The sensor's long life and high selectivity make it a reliable tool for monitoring oxygen levels in a variety of environments. This is particularly important in applications where oxygen levels need to be closely monitored to ensure the safety of workers, such as in industrial settings or emergency response situations.

How to Replace the Oxygen Sensor in the Ventis MX4:


Warranty Information

18 month manufacturer replacement warranty