Demand Flow Calibration Gas Regulator for CGA600 Cylinders

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Product Overview

Demand Flow Calibration Gas Regulators for calibrating gas detection equipment. Standard with the following cylinders:

  • 17DST - 17L Steel CGA600

  • 34DST - 34L Steel CGA600

Demand flow regulators are essential tools used for calibrating gas detectors with calibration gas cylinders. They control the flow of gas and ensure that an accurate and precise amount of gas is delivered to the detector. A spring-loaded valve is controlled by the flow of gas to control the gas flow rate.

CGA600 fittings are commonly used with demand flow regulators and ensure a secure and leak-proof connection between the regulator and the calibration cylinder. It is important to choose the right material for your demand flow regulator based on the type of gas being used to ensure material compatibility. They are a female threaded regulator meant for externally threaded cylinders. This regulator is Nickel Plated brass, do not use with reactive components.

Warranty Information

Warrantied to be free of manufacturer defects for 1 year from date of purchase