Calibration Gas Blend 0220 - 5-Gas SO2 Compatible with MSA ALTAIR®

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10ppm Sulfur Dioxide, 20ppm Hydrogen Sulfide, 60ppm Carbon Monoxide, 58% LEL Pentane Simulant, 15% VOL Oxygen; balance Nitrogen
Altair 5
Altair 5X
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Product Overview

Calibration gas manufactured by Ideal Calibrations right in Detroit, MI. Our calibration gas is blended at or above manufacturer specifications to calibrate the equipment you need. As gas detector specialists, Ideal Calibrations is uniquely positioned to meet your needs for calibrating gas detection equipment. If you ever need assistance calibrating your gas detectors using our gas cylinders you can call us and a real live human will answer the phone to help you through.

Calibration gas blend:

10ppm Sulfur Dioxide
20ppm Hydrogen Sulfide
60ppm Carbon Monoxide
58% LEL Pentane Simulant
15% VOL Oxygen
Balance Nitrogen

Please be aware that as this gas is not manufactured by MSA it does not include the RFID collar that is included on MSA brand gas cylinders. If you need help configuring your MSA GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System please give us a call.

MSA Genuine Parts Statement:
This product has no affiliation with MSA resale products. The use of non-genuine MSA replacement components or incorrect installation of components will void your MSA device warranty, can seriously impair performance or alter intrinsic safety characteristics of the ALTAIR® gas detector, void agency approvals, and can result in serious personal injury or death. 

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Warranty Information

2 year Ideal Calibrations replacement warranty. If you have a problem with your cylinder within 2 years of purchase we will provide you with a replacement cylinder.