Alphasense COSH Sensor CO/H2S - Compatible with MSA Altair 4 and MSA Altair 5

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Altair 4
Altair 5
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Product Overview

Alphasense replacement COSH (CO/H2S) sensor. Compatible with MSA ALTAIR® 4 and MSA ALTAIR® 5.

This will not work with XCell® series products.

MSA Genuine Parts Statement:
This product has no affiliation with MSA resale products. The use of non-genuine MSA replacement components or incorrect installation of components will void your MSA device warranty, can seriously impair performance or alter intrinsic safety characteristics of the ALTAIR® gas detector, void agency approvals, and can result in serious personal injury or death. 

Warranty Information

2 year replacement warranty from Ideal Calibrations


(No reviews yet) Write a Review